Sicko – By Michael Moore

Take a good look at one of the worlds most cynical and psychopathic “Health Care Systems” ever.. Here film-maker Michael Moore turns his attentions toward the topic of health care in the United States in this documentary that weighs the plight of the uninsured (and the insured who must deal with abuse from insurance companies) […]

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Hangar 1 MUFON Files

A really good and relatively new series from History Channel. I have found two episodes which I’m presenting here. The only annoying with all these kind of videos are the (Is it?) and (Was it?) or (Could it?) At least for me and maybe others who’ve had a REAL UFO experience. Enjoy! Hangar 1 – […]

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Robert Hastings Interview

Robert Hastings Interview – UFOs and Nukes – Age Of Truth TV Lucas Alexander from Age of Truth TV interviewed the American UFO researcher Robert Hastings during Exopolitics Denmark’s UFO conference: UFOs and Nukes in June 2013 in Copenhagen. The interview was a result of a collaboration between Age of Truth TV and Exopolitics Denmark.

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I forgot to post this before, but here it is after several requests. Video is from the “one and only” UFOTV. This film explores the history of our modern technological age, advances in science, the question of UFOs, and how our world governments have controlled the flow of information to the public regarding the truth […]


The Greatest Truth Never Told

The Greatest Truth Never Told (TGTNT) is a video series that has been 7 years in research and development.  It is centered around the truth that humanity has been enslaved over and over again throughout history.  TGTNT lays out the case for even the most cynical and indoctrinated individual that… The paradigm which we operate […]

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The Orion Conspiracy

This is a type of docu-fiction which is informs about many things like the theory of earths 4 moons and the four catastrophes striking the earth through times. It’s also taking up the subject of giants and many other things concerning the Nazis rule in Europe and their quest for knowledge scavenging the planet. The […]

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